Friday, October 21, 2011

Just in time for Halloween!

I love the fall. Its cool, calm and energizing. It also hosts my favourite day of the year: Halloween! I put together a few pieces to show my elation for this great day of ghosts and ghouls.

Something about old 1940/50's horror films really fascinate me. I think its mostly because of there style. Classic. One can argue that there are more horrifying characters to date but to me. These are the ultimate.

The Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein, Wolf-Man, Dracula and The Monster ( Frankenstein) are composed with recycled 8mm film on 24"x 18" canvas. Photos by Maureen Joaquin

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video AT- AT

This is my biggest piece to date (excluding Mega Mario). I wanted to emphasize the enormity of an AT- AT so I decided to make a canvas out of 63 VHS cassettes. Piece is composed of VHS cassette tape ribbon on a 37 x 52 inch cassette canvas

My VHS Collection

I decided to shift gears (pardon the pun) and do a collection of movies I had on VHS. I like the pop art look and decided to just go with that style. Each piece is composed with VHS cassette tape ribbon on 18 x 38 inch canvas.

Mega Mario

Composed of 144 Nintendo Cartridges (don't worry, they were all crappy games).
Its big....REALLY BIG!

Look up! In the sky!

This piece is a present for my sister Maureen. The 1980s Super Man films are her favourite. She's pretty awesome. Thanks for getting me out here in the west coast sis.
Composed of 8mm film on 18 x 24 canvas.

Bjork for Kimba

I did this piece for my best friend Kim. I wanted to give her something extra ordinary. Bjork being one of her favourite artist seemed fitting. Thanks for all your support!!
Composed of 8 Track cassette ribbon on a 26 x 20 8 Track canvas.

Analog Ben

Ben Folds is definitely one of those artist that I just really dig listening to. His albums can go from a funny joke to something short of a masterpiece. I had the opportunity to catch him play with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra a while back and can honestly say it was one of the best show i've ever seen. A must if your a fan. Composed of 8 Track cassette ribbon on a 30 x 20 inch 8 track canvas.